Is the food in your restaurant or canteen feels commercial? Many customers nowadays compromise and complain about variations of food that is too fried, over spiced and are seeking and choosing more vegetable based food sources, better quality ingredients and less processed.  In practice, most caterers or institutional kitchens start the food production from medium or poor food sources and in most Cases food products come out of labeled bags that have already been processed. The perception of a variety that goes too far forces the caterer to choose inferior or processed food items to save time and costs.




The technologies available in today’s kitchen equipment are not equal to past kitchens. in the past, kitchen’s equipment was pots, pans, burners and ovens. This limited variety dictated a reality that chefs and cooks had to keep their eyes and hands under close supervision of the cooking food, and that required skilled personnel and a large manpower. When you enter a modern kitchen today, you will see smaller equipment with greater output and equipment with the ability to cook autonomous processes while monitoring and alerting in real time and recording data for process controls, both for improving work processes, for safety and monitoring of the various production batches.




To see the picture differently means that the business is observed from the outside with business, experiential and operational points of view. If needed, to make controlled manipulations in weak spots and to emphasis the relevance of the abstract components that cause greater consumption or greater popularity A good concept requires innovation or differentiation, whether in an atmosphere or design, in the form of food or serving, or maybe in a service configuration that works correctly. Sometimes the concept is actually operational or managerial, one which makes a tired and lame institution to a vibrant appealing venue with growing customer popularity and demand. Concept is part of the cornerstones of thoughts, perceptions and beliefs, sometimes concept is perceived only as an idea, but it is an idea with abstract components.