Foodwise is a consulting company in the food industry, our main focus is on culinary development, operating methods, technological and strategic planning

Our success is based on the best professionals in their field, including chefs, industrial and management engineers, food technology, planners and most importantly teamwork and brainstorming in each project

We believe in personalized service to every customer at every stage of the project in a reliable, professional and transparent manner. We match each client to the strategy and package of services he needs

Our vision is to continue to promote the production of healthy food in institutions, organizations and restaurants, through a lot of knowledge and years of experience of professionals with a great deal of experience who continue to research and study.

On a personal note, as the owner of Foodwise, I see our work as a tremendous mission to promote a quality, healthy and up-to-date culinary for every diner anywhere and at any price level in your company.

I will personally come to meet you, learn and understand your unique needs to help you improve processes and achieve better results.


I invite you to contact us

Eran Noy

Chef & owner Foodwise