A good concept requires innovation or differentiation, whether in an atmosphere or design, in the form of food or serving, or maybe in a service configuration that works correctly. Sometimes the concept is operational or managerial, one which makes a tired and lame food operation to a vibrant appealing venue with growing customer popularity and demand.

Concept is part of the cornerstones of thoughts, perceptions and beliefs, sometimes concept is perceived only as an idea, but it is an idea with abstract components.

To see the picture differently means that the  your business is observed from the outside with business, experiential and operational points of view. If needed, to make controlled manipulations in weak spots and to emphasis the relevance of the abstract components that cause greater consumption or greater popularity


Concept in the world of catering does not necessarily have to be a mind blower nor bring a burst of fresh ideas hadn’t yet seen. A good concept takes existing ideas or beliefs in the world of food and brings them into an experiential application that meets the very diverse needs of this era.

Alternative food concepts are constantly emerging to provide growing demand for healthier options that combines high-quality ingredients and authentic food in a more pleasant environment than standard food courts offer.

We eat more outside. it’s a fact. the increase in outdoor eating per households in the United States, Europe and the Middle East is rising every year in large percentages. We are looking for a fresher variety, special ethnic foods, quality & sustainable food and easy availability. Good quality service is not less important, as well as speed and consistency. all these are important parts of building the concept.

Past ‘concepts’ such as fast-food networks, which for years have been leading the sales table, are constantly falling in the face of new trends emerging on every main street corner in Israel and abroad. Different type of fast-food restaurants is appearing with less processed food, more slow cooked and these better “value for money” franchises begin to bite into the market segment which is worth hundreds of Millions dollars a year.

We will be happy to meet and understand your unique needs and give you a solution to build or sharpen the concept