We at Foodwise are planning, guiding and helping to implement a different healthier approach of culinary every day. We know that with most of the existing resources but with more precise processes, it is possible to reach a wide enough but accurate selection of menu, through greater emphasis on the selection of higher quality ingredients and good cooking processes, thus bringing the gastronomy to a fresher, more balanced and healthy meal without compromise on tastes, colors and a selection

It is possible to improve food even in very tight budgets. It is very much possible to implement clean and healthy food preparation in every kitchen and in any organization through knowledge, planning and proper implementation

We will be happy to show you that a better way is possible



Many customers nowadays compromise and complain about of too much fried food variations, over spiced or sometimes blunt food.

 More and more customers today are seeking and choosing more vegetable based food sources, better quality ingredients and less processed food.  

In practice, most caterers or institutional kitchens start the food production from medium or poor food sources and in most Cases food products come out of labeled bags that have already been processed. The perception of a variety that goes too far forces the caterer to choose inferior or processed food items to save time and costs, it is possible to do it much better.

The culture of the present era has led us to a fundamental change in food consumption habits when food from boxes, bags and packages now leads to most of the consumption, this occurs mainly because of the constraint of time resource that is most critical in cost-benefit observation. However, awareness of the consumption of high quality and healthy food is increasing and is more and more the demand of customers

Gastronomy is the science of eating well. It is a multidisciplinary discipline that explores the interrelationship between food and culture and explores the path between culinary – the art of cooking and the art of regulating the stomach