We at Foodwise offer consultancy in planning, training and accompaniment during implementation, along with advanced solutions to daily production challenges. We do this by means of advanced types of equipment, customization of equipment for various tasks, careful planning and implementation of production technologies for the desired menu and the desired or existing manpower.

We offer Advanced solutions for manufacturing problems. We use technological solutions and tailor-made equipment, along with the design of a Tailor-made product for various production tasks, together with the production and product planning, and sometimes using smart production methods.


In many cases, we find a discrepancy between manpower and equipment or between manpower and production planning. These factors result in limited production capacity, heavy expenses, inefficient manpower utilization and waste of energy and space.

Sometimes the case is reversed, and we see advanced cooking equipment and efficient technology but with staff that has not been trained to use this technology and instead they use the MANUAL configuration and set the height of flame and time exactly as they did in the last kitchen where they worked at.

Technological advancements in the kitchen can certainly ease the production and improve profits. Technology in the kitchen helps save a large amount of manpower, helps reduce energy consumption, can improve both healthy food diets and menu expansion, improve the cook’s working conditions so they will not run away to a competitor who offers them more money, to meet better standards of food regulations and work safety, which the demand for them increases constantly and thus Leeds to more opportunities and more customers.

The technologies available in today’s kitchen equipment are not equal to past kitchens. in the past, kitchen’s equipment was pots, pans, burners and ovens. This limited variety dictated a reality that chefs and cooks had to keep their eyes and hands under close supervision of the cooking food, and that required skilled personnel and a large manpower.

An effective solution to this is relying on a kitchen with equipment with the ability to cook autonomous processes while monitoring and alerting in real time and recording data for process controls in real time, both for improving work processes, for safety and monitoring of the various production batches.

When entering a modern kitchen today, we find smaller equipment with greater output


With all the improvements and advanced equipment, it is clear to us that chefs and developers will have the authority to create new dishes and bring creative solutions to the next meal, but a lack of efficient equipment or equipment mismatch can easily lead to a process that is not exactly what it was designed, instructed.

Today the method of passing the recipe on to cooks to produce does not give consistency to the finished food product, and if to tell the truth, staff in the kitchens is constantly changing and this causes the need to continue to monitor and instruct the cooks over and over again. In addition, the cooks also have their interpretation of the recipe, both in seasoning and in the form of cooking. Therefore, in most cases, the dish just does not come out the same. In addition to all this, there is the ‘problem of missing manpower’ – it is becoming very difficult to find quality personnel for the kitchen, and this problem is only growing

We tour the most important exhibitions in the world, at the world’s leading technological equipment manufacturers and we visit leading kitchens and food production companies, to constantly learn the innovations and technological solutions that will lead the commercial kitchen of tomorrow, all to lead and nurture your professional kitchen.

We see and understand the big picture well and know how to advise you where to focus the solution to the bottlenecks in your kitchen or production floor.